Almond Oil Extract

The benefits of almond oil are numerous and one can go on forever when trying to list down all the benefits in one article. Almond has been used in alternative and complimentary remedies and medicines for many years. It has been known to have anti inflammatory properties and has also been known to boost immunity levels. It has also been reported as being used in situation when someone has been poisoned. To add to this already long list, the oil has also been known to be useful if you have irritable bowel syndrome. As a food that increases good cholesterol and therefore helps in cardiovascular diseases, this wonder oil is being studied for its effects in curing and preventing colon cancer. With its viscous physical property, the oil has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Greco-Persian school of medicine for eczema; a condition of extreme dry skin that breaks out into rashes and sores. Can the effect of the oil on sexual stimulation be far behind?

Moving away from oils, today many manufacturers have developed various brands of almond cream that can be applied on the legs, arms and indeed the whole body. Given the fact that the food has so many medicinal properties, it has been used as a base for many aphrodisiac oils and creams. If you are not able to get a cream that has been made from almond, you don’t really need to fret. There are other ways in which you can benefit from the advantages of this food. Some of these are listed below.

If a cream of almond is not available in your nearby store, you can choose to opt for almond extract. You will probably get this in a small bottle since extracting the essential oil from the almond is an expensive and long drawn process; something that only a few reputed manufacturers can do well.

If all else fails, eating a raw almond can also provide you with the benefits of the nut. It is best to soak the almond in warm water overnight and remove the skin before you consume it if you stay in a warm climate. For others eating it just as is, is also good.

Since there are so many benefits of the nut, the fact that almond is also an aphrodisiac for women sometimes gets relegated to the bottom of the page. This is mainly because the wonder food has so many other benefits as well that are intriguing that this particular benefit is almost always last to be mentioned.

However, this does not mean that the stimulant properties of this food are any lesser. The fact of the matter is that irrespective of the manner in which you consume the food, the benefits accrue over time and increase your libido too. An almond oil head massage is also something you can consider.